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Download link issue
« on: 08.12.2014 16:52:31 »
Hi Everyone!!

I am using jDownloads version 3.3.6/PHP 5.5.9/MYSQL 5.6.16 on my local machine running xampp.
Need your help in following 2 scenarios...

Today I noticed one issue with the download link. No idea if this is really an issue..

I created 2 download links. One for .pdf file and the other for .html file.

I want to open them in the new browser window and hence I made sure that the extensions pdf and html are listed in the following field in configuration.
"Which file types are to be opened in the Browser"

When I click the download link for pdf file, it opens the file in the new browser window which is expected, but when I click the download link for html file, it asks to save the file instead of opening the file in new browser window like it did for pdf file.

Am I making any mistake?? Please help.

I want to create a download link which shall open an joomla article (like any other article) within main content area of my template.
Any guidance in this regard???


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Re: Download link issue
« Reply #1 on: 15.12.2014 13:43:24 »
please note that you should not works with the older jD series.
So please update to the new series 3.2. Read before the update instructions.

1) i must test this with the new release.
2) you can not use a 'download' link for an article. Or what mean you here?
Best Regards / Gruß
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Re: Download link issue
« Reply #2 on: 15.12.2014 17:02:31 »
Dear Mr Arno,

Thanks for your reply. My comments below...

1) I would definitely try with the newer version and update my results here.
2) I want to create a download link which will not actually be a link to a book or some mp3 but it should open my custom html/php webpage like an article. This way I can present the user some other info or  links (youtube, videos, books etc) in my own customized way.

I appreciate your reply.


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Re: Download link issue
« Reply #3 on: 13.04.2016 11:44:05 »
Hi there.
Is there any update on that from support team. I have the same situation in v.3.2

and that is: all downloads that have files selected in Files Data Tab, opening in a new windows. All downloads that have an existing download selected in Files Data Tab opening in same window.
 In which php file you can add the
Code: [Select]
target="_blank" option?

Appreciate an answer
John Tsigos
PS I have enabled the direct download option within the configuration including both htm and html extensions, without success.
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Re: Download link issue
« Reply #4 on: 13.04.2016 15:32:41 »
Just for clarity so I understand what you want I assume you have an html file that is one of your Downloads but when it is downloaded you want your browser to action the html file.

This could be very dangerous.   The context of your site could be 'challenging'. This is dependant upon the browser.  In Firefox for example you need to go to Options - Applications and then choose the specific action for the extension type.  So the actual result is Browser dependant.

I ask myself why would you want the html file to be opened in the browser?  If it is to give more instructions or to provide other links you could make the Download into a PDF file and include info and links in that.

So if you could perhaps let us know what you are trying to achieve then we may possibly be able to advise.