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Empty categories in front end
« on: 25.11.2014 15:29:53 »

Joomla: 2.5
JDownloads: 1.9.1
Hosted by Siteground servers
Cache disabled

All my files in back end exist but are not shown in front end. Specifically, All categories are shown with no files in them.

The address is: http://iwebproject.com/test/en/resources/publications.html
All the submenus  under "resources" are JDownloads categories.

Thank you.

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Re: Empty categories in front end
« Reply #1 on: 26.11.2014 11:55:29 »
Tried your site but could see no problem specifically!  See pic empty-cats01.png which shows files present, this is same location as you sent.

I am sure you have had this site running some time quite successfully so something must have changed!!
I could download the first item AOK (Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development) but the second one produced an interesting message from your server - see pic empty-cats02.png   So perhaps someone has been changing directory permissions.  Also on another instance I got a server fault about some problem your hosting company was working on fixing.


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