Author Topic: Please Help, update completely destroyed my jdownloads component!!!  (Read 3775 times)

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Hi, i had installed Jdownloads 1.9.1 and had to update it because there were securit issues (someone entered)
Now it's not working anymore!!!!!!
I installed the latet component and when you click on contro panel it say
500 - An error has occurred.

JHtml: :jquery not supported. File not found.

Return to Control Panel

or configuration:

500 - An error has occurred.

JHtml: :bootstrap not supported. File not found.

Return to Control Panel

Please help me, i'm really in a trobule now!!!

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Looking on internet and forums, it seems that this error should occur if the plugin is designed for joomla 3 nad installed on 2.5 :/

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have done upgrade to many times.  Maybe you had a timeout or similar during the update.  Just to confirm. You are running on Joomla 2.5 - which version? 
Please look at Extension Manager - Manage to see what version of jDownloads Component you have installed.  Please check that all the actual download files are still on your server (they are in directory jDownloads/abc where abc is the particular category.  Did you have any images associated with the downloads?  In any case check on images/jdownloads and its sub directories for any strange image files.

Do you have a test site to try things out?

If you only have a few categories or downloads it might be simpler to start again on a test site.  Another possibility if you still have all the downloads is to consider going to jD2.5 series, but not all plugins are available yet!


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Hi pcprice76,
... can it be that you have tried to install a wrong version ?
When you had before a jD 1.9.1.x version, you need this version:
Best Regards / Gruß
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