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Code error causing display issues
« on: 11.10.2014 04:15:11 »

I love JDownloads and use it on several sites.  Today, one of my clients asked why some of the modules on his site weren't displaying correctly ... just on the JDownloads pages.  They work right on the other pages.

I began checking and discovered that at least four extensions don't work correctly on the JDownloads pages (JEvents and NoNumber Extension's Sourcerer, Articles Anywhere, and Modules Anywhere).  That is true on three of my sites that use JDownloads.  The errors in JEvents, Modules Anywhere, Articles Anywhere, and Sourcerer only occur on JDownloads pages, they occur on all JDownloads pages, and they occur on all three sites. 

That leads me to believe there is some kind of error in the JDownloads code - possibly failure to close a table or div? 

The sites affected are:  www.theavbridge.com, www.fsbclajunta.com, and www.canoncommunitybaptist.com 

On all three sites, the JEvents calendar does not show the color coded category that is present on other pages.
On www.fsbclajunta.com and www.theavbridge.com, a statistics code (Sourcerer) is visible at the bottom of the page.
On www.avbridge.com, code (Modules Anywhere and Articles Anywhere) is visible in the promo area (under the top banner) and at the lop of the left column.

These are all up-to-date Joomla 2.5 sites, using JDownloads, and with all other extensions also up-to-date.  The JEvents errors have been observed in previous versions, but were not serious enough to cause major concern.  The conflicts with Sourcerer, Articles Anywhere, and Modules Anywhere, however, do cause serious problems.

Thanks for JDownloads and for your assistance.


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Re: Code error causing display issues
« Reply #1 on: 11.10.2014 14:20:14 »
direct links to sample error pages are:
http://www.canoncommunitybaptist.com/sermons/2013-sermons  on left
http://www.theavbridge.com/podcasts/2013    top left and in top banner
http://www.fsbclajunta.com/sermons/2014-sermons  at foot of page - difficult to see as black on brown

Typical display is {article unity-liberty-love}{text}{/article}

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Re: Code error causing display issues
« Reply #2 on: 29.10.2014 12:02:12 »
The Sourcerer not working problem has been addressed since yesterday with v 4.4.6 of the plugin: http://www.nonumber.nl/extensions/sourcerer