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Doppelt und dreifache Downloads
« on: 01.10.2014 16:39:05 »
Hallo Support Team,

ich habe folgendes Problem.

Es werden Dateien (PDF) per FTP hochgeladen. Nur generiert jdownloads die Downloads im Frontend bis zu viermal.

Was kann ich tun und wie kann ich das Aufräumen erledigen.

Es sind ein paar hundert Dateien.

Gruß und Danke


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Re: Doppelt und dreifache Downloads
« Reply #1 on: 01.10.2014 23:36:48 »
I have poor German so used Google translator ;)
I have the following problem.
It will be uploaded via FTP files (PDF). Only jdownloads generates the page in the frontend up to four times.
What can I do and how can I do the cleanup.
There are a few hundred files.
Greetings and thanks

Do you mean you did multiple ftp uploads of the same set of files so that now you have 4 copies of each file?  Yuo can select mulktiple files for deletion, but in below I suggest a category at a time.   Try first on one category as follows.  Note it is keeping the database correct which is the challenge.

 In Configuration - Monitoring turn off auto monitoring, next in Configuration - Downloads ensure you have "Delete images from deleted Downloads?" and "Delete preview files from any deleted Download?" (they are the last two questions).

Next in jd Control Panel Downloads use the category filter to select a category in which downloads are to be deleted.  Use the title tick to select all. Then Delete.

Repeat as necessary.

Remember to put auto monitoring back on, but not if you are going to upload multiple files as the monitoring function could 'kick in' whilst files are being uploaded.

You could physically delete an entire category with ftp, and use the manual monitor to check gone, but you still need to do above for the database.  when done probably a good idea to use the 'Rebuild' button on the Categories page.

If I have misunderstood maybe you could post a picture or two


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Re: Doppelt und dreifache Downloads
« Reply #2 on: 04.10.2014 11:30:03 »
noch ein Hinweis: wenn du diese Problem hast, solltest du keinerlei Sonderzeichen in deinen Dateinamen und Foldernamen verwenden, nur 'a-z , A-Z, 0-9, -_.'  
Denk auch einmal über ein Update auf eine der neuen jD Version nach... die erste stabilen Versionen erscheinen in Kürze.
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Best Regards / Gruß
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