Author Topic: 'Select Category' dropbox shows 'not allowed to see' categories  (Read 2570 times)

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The 'Select Category' dropbox shows categories of all other categories from other users/usergroups.

I made own user groups with their own access levels showing their own Jdownloadscategory in their own jdownloadgroup in their own menu.

After 'group A' is logged in it can see all other categories (B,C,D,...) in the upper-right 'select categorie- drop down' box.
I would like to see 'group A' can only see their own category/subcategories in the dropdownlist.

Searched and tested the configuration and searched forums how to change it , no luck so far...

I appreciate any help,

Thanks in advance!

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Basically this is sorted out in the new jD2.5 and 3.2 series.  They are still beta but are close to being stable.

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Hi Colin,

Thank you for your reply!

I will surely take your advice and look at the betaversions. And hope they will be stable soon.
I got the problem solved for the 1.9 too:

The error was that i gave user 'A' its own menu that linked to his own specific category (A), but was solved when users menu A to Z was linked to 'Category list layout'.
So linking a specific categorie simply doesn't work in version Stable.