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Component absolutely not working!!
« on: 11.06.2014 20:20:53 »
Hi, i have a big problem with this component! I tried both 2.5 beta and 1.9 stable
I have my files on an external server and want to put only links in Jdownloads
With 2.5 beta I tried it in several ways, but till now got only errors.
If i use "Send Downloads using the PHP Script?" the download start and a 0k file is saved
If i do not use it, will appear this error when i try to download the file
"the requested data was not found in the database. Please inform the webmaster."

With 1.9.. the directory is empty!!!! I enter download dir (it says that there is 1 file) and nothing appear!! O_o

I thought that using an external link could be a really simple option... :(
Can anybody help me with this issue? Thanks

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Re: Component absolutely not working!!
« Reply #1 on: 02.07.2014 11:03:26 »
sorry for the delay.

I thought that using an external link could be a really simple option
Be sure it is. But it seems that you have some things not doing correctly?

I can use it without any problems. See pic.

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