Author Topic: Gantry Template fix interfers with tool tips [Fixed]  (Read 1665 times)

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The need to use z-index:1; in the css to overcome templates that have a position:relative involved has a side effect on the tool tips in all templates. :(
The effect is that the tool tip is partially masked as shown in pic z-index01.png - some templates are better, especially if they use a dark background for the tool tip.
Tested by removing z-index: 1;  gave good result as shown in pic z-index02.png
A solution by adding the css code below to jdownloads-fe.css in in pic z-index03.png where the optional styling is included - jDownloads specific! ;D  The styling can be adjusted of course.
If the optional styling is removed then result is z-index04.png

CSS is
Code: [Select]
/* ++++++++++++++  .tooltip-inner for v3.x series ++++++++++++++ */
 /* ++++++++++++++  .tip for v2.5 series ++++++++++++++ */
.tooltip-inner, .tip{
  /* optional styling  omit for tempate defaults*/
border: solid 2px #0000ff !important;
background: #CCFFFF !important;  /* pale blue */
color:#0000ff !important;
  /* +++ items below are essential */
width: 250px;
position: absolute;
z-index: 2;

This code needs to be added to jdownloads_fe.css either with or without optional styling. :)
When the Gantry template series has been modified the special css code relating to position:relative; could be removed if desired, but probably better to keep in place. ;)
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