Author Topic: How can I change the layout in jDownloads Content Plugin  (Read 4066 times)

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Hello Team,

the jDownloads Content Plugin is great and works perfect. I have in configuration the "simple file list" as standard-view.
But now I will chance the layout in one content-side: http://dkv.arsito.de/medien/das-dkv-magazin to another view to show details.

When I will use your code: {jd_file onlinelayout==layout name}  I don´t know, what I must write instead "layout name" ?
Can anybody help me?  :D


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Re: How can I change the layout in jDownloads Content Plugin
« Reply #1 on: 21.02.2014 16:22:22 »
you can change every layout in the jD layout manager, but also create a new one.
When you will use a other layout for the content plugin, you can select it in the jD configuration (last TAB).
Alternate can you use 'on the fly' a other layout in this way:
{jd_file onlinelayout==layout name}
Then must you use here the name from the layout what you will use. See layout manager to get the names. By the way, for the üplugin can you use all 'files' layout and this must not be 'activated' first in the layouts list.
Best Regards / Gruß
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