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Recreate Thumbnails not working
« on: 19.09.2021 13:11:46 »

I realised recently I'm missing a few thumbnails, so tried the Remake Thumbnails option form the config. Alas, I now have no thumbnails at all!!

I have checked the config, and make thumbnails form PDF is on, GD Library and ImageMagick are both present. Clicking Save after turning Remake Thumbnails on takes me to somewhere else, but the page is blank.
Can you let me know if I am missing a step? I am using jDownloads Version
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Re: Recreate Thumbnails not working
« Reply #1 on: 20.09.2021 13:00:37 »
I have just checked the remake all thumbs facility on one of my test sites - all was wellI am using jD and Joomla! 3.10.2
The link you showed is to an actual site that is offering to sell the site concerned As a precaution I have removed that link from the forum.May be you site has been 'invaded'?

I will send you a PM (Private Message)
The Remake sequence is just setting is:In jD Option go to Pictures and Buttons  tab  then setting option 'Remake all Thumbnails' to Yes.  Then click on Save.  This actions the remake.  It will give a message when done and reset the option 'Remake all Thumbnails' to No.
Did you add the preview files to each Download separately.  From what I recall your site handles scientific and similar pdf articles.  So it maybe the PDF previews causing a challenge  - regetably my test site is on XAMPP which does not have Imagick module - will try to sort that. Colin
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