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failed to download
« on: 10.08.2021 22:16:03 »
i just installed Jdownloads i created 2 categories with 1 file in each one. i haven´t put any restriction to download them. but tha last step failed, the loading of the file.

the error is different for the files.
a pdf file gives: An error occurred while loading the PDF document (picture attached)

a zip file gives: This website cannot be accessed The website https://hidraulicapractica.com/component/jdownloads?task=download.send&id=2&catid=4&m=0 may be temporarily inactive or may have been permanently moved to another address.

i am using:
joomla 3.9.26
php 7.4
Mysql 10.3.30

Can you help me. i will appreciate it.

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Re: failed to download
« Reply #1 on: 12.08.2021 14:04:16 »

Not an answer, but some more info:
I tested this link
edge fail
chrome fail
firefox OK

With FF i can download all 3 pdfs. When i click on the zip download nothing happens

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Re: failed to download
« Reply #2 on: 13.08.2021 15:45:14 »
Thank you Tazzios,

the zip file downloaded perfect in firefox.
I found out something else. When i change "Send Downloads using the PHP Script" to NO, pdf files can be downloaded without trouble but the file address where it is stored is exposed. That is something i don't want.

any suggestion? thanks in advance.

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Re: failed to download
« Reply #3 on: 14.08.2021 18:53:02 »
I will send you a PM (Private Message)Colin