Author Topic: Need to be logged in to download  (Read 172 times)

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Need to be logged in to download
« on: 16.02.2021 16:27:04 »
I have set up some downloads but can only download them if logged in. Everywhere I have checked in permissions shows Guests and Public can download items, but unless I log in, as soon as I click on a category I am requested to log in. Am I missing something obvious?

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Re: Need to be logged in to download
« Reply #1 on: 17.02.2021 14:45:06 »
HiSounds to me that you have either not set the permissions on the Categories or more likely you have set view access to Registered or something other than Public.
You can check the access level  by clicking on Categories in backend.  If they are not set to Public then the easiest way to change is to use the Batch facility setting it to no for move or copy and the setting the required Access level
Please let me know