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PFD viewer
« on: 27.12.2020 13:31:27 »

What does it do?
PDF viewer will give the option to embed the PDF.js viewer in the details download page.

How to install?
Unzip the files place the 'component' folder in your joomla root, this contain the pdfjsviewer. Place the file from the 'TEMPLATE' folder in your active template.

How to use?
Add the tag {file_pdfviewer} to the layout 'download details'

Search options and Highlighting
The highlighting with  joomla smartsearch will work by default.
If you also install the 'highlight search' override the search terms will also be highlighted in the pdf when using the jdownloads search.

To make the PDF content (kind of) searchable:
- Create a custom text field (with large pdfs you maybe need multiple)
- Copy the text from the pdf in the textfield

Can I also embed the preview PDF file?
No currently that is not possible because there is no reliable way to access the preview file, see topic:

Old topic: http://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/support-forum.html?topic=8543.msg45586#msg45586