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Download Details
« on: 26.12.2020 10:11:47 »
Hello, How do I change my settings for jdownloads to only show the full download details after clicking on the Download link. Look here: https://www.romshare.org/index.php/romss/category/4-super-nintendo-snes It shows the full details for each file. What I want it to do is have the full list of files without the download information. I only want to show the full download details after clicking on the download like here: https://www.romshare.org/index.php/romss/download/4-super-nintendo-snes/1-chrono-trigger Can I do this?

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Re: Download Details
« Reply #1 on: 28.12.2020 12:18:37 »
Do you mean you do not want the 'Information Block' when listing the Downloads?
The quickest way is to go to Layouts - Downloads and select 'Stadard File Layout as the Active one
See https://www.jdownloads.net/documentation-for-v3-9/layouts-v3-9/layouts-overview-an-introduction
If you do not want the symbols at the bottom then please lert me know and I will send you a modified version