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at the moment i make a Joomla article and take all Downloads from a Author per hand.


article 1:

{jd_file file==777}
{jd_file file==774}
{jd_file file==677}

article 2:

{jd_file file==537}
{jd_file file==684}
{jd_file file==657}

i wisch the JD Content Plugin for JD 3.2 and JD 3.9 can have a Author Tag, that show all Downloads per Author in a single Tag/Article:


article 1:

{jd_file author==Max Mustermann}

article 2:

{jd_file author==Sepp Huber}


Download 1
Download 2
Download 3

At the moment i must find out the file ID of all Downloads of the Author in the article and put it in the article.
And wenn form the author a new Download is upload i must manually put that to the article.

Unfortunately is the JD content Plugin PHP File quite complex for me to quickly implement it myself.