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long load times in jdownloads
« on: 19.01.2021 18:48:51 »
hi all,

I have locally installed xampp (version and joomla which works fine (frontend and backend). Now I have additionally installed jdownloads (version and have the problem that as soon as I do something in the component (create category, save etc.) I have to fight with long loading times (about 30 sec). Does anyone have an idea what this could be? The loading times are only in the jdownloads component. If I create posts etc in the Joomla backend everything runs smoothly. Am in despair and would be happy about an idea!

Thanks in advance

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Re: long load times in jdownloads
« Reply #1 on: 20.01.2021 21:41:02 »
HiSeveral users are reporting a slow response in the Backend of jDownloads  See
The time time varies from site to site and appearsrs to be on an 'after render' step as if something is waiting for completion like two web sits talking to each other.On some sites the delay is consistently about 60 seconds but on others it is around 30 or 40 seconds.

There is not a front end delay problem.
People who have tried one opf their test sites on XAMMP find it is  ok there, that is no delay.  So this is the first time that I have heard of it on an XAMMP site.
Could you advise ste config details database version, PHP version and so on