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Show downloads to Public?
« on: 05.06.2020 04:44:20 »
Is there a way to show downloads to "Public" users, but not allow them to download them unless they're "Registered"? At the moment it looks like there are no downloads to users who haven't registered. I'd like them to see what's available, but only allow them to download if they've registered as a user. Thanks!

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Re: Show downloads to Public?
« Reply #1 on: 05.06.2020 10:37:01 »
I think here should you find what you need:

A summary in a few words:
- use as access for the Categories and his Downloads always 'public'
- but change the 'download' permissions to 'registered'
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Re: Show downloads to Public?
« Reply #2 on: 09.06.2020 03:48:57 »
When I set the Categories to "Public", they're viewable, but if the Downloads are set to "Registered", they still can't be seen by anyone not logged in. I'm trying to have the Categories and Downloads visible to "Public", but only allow downloading if the user is registered. If I set both the Category and the Download to "Public", they can be seen, but if I change the Download's file permissions so that "Public" has "download" set to "denied", then in "Registered", even if I have "download" set to "allow", it shows as "Not Allowed (locked)", apparently since it's inheriting the "denied" from Public.

I'll have to look over the documentation a bit more and see if there's anything in there which can help me.

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Re: Show downloads to Public?
« Reply #3 on: 09.06.2020 11:25:38 »
First I strongly advise against using Deny as its effects are 'unexpected'

You might find a recent article helpful
Whilst in the jD 3.9 section it should give you an overview.

The difference for jD3.2 series is the way to get at the 'root' or 'component permissions'  You go to Joomla! System - Global Configuration tab.  This lists all the components on the left hand side. Clicking on jDownloads will show you its Component. permissions

Need to consider two things:  permissions give the ability to do things like Download; and Access level allows users to see things.
Permission are cascaded down the Categories chain to the Downloads.

So go to the 'component permissions' then in the Public group set the Download permission to Inherit and in the Registered group set the Download permission to Allowed.  Then do a save and check the permissions are set as required, and then save and close.  In jD go to the Tools action Reset Categories Permission, then action reset Downloads permissions.  This will clear up anything you have already set.  Tho check examine a Download and see Registered group has Allowed(inherited) for the Download Premission.  Also that the Public Group has and is has NotAllowed(inherited) in the Calculated settings.

Also check that the Access level is Public - this is the normal default for jD.  There is a way with Batch processing to reset all the Acces levels for Downloads and Categories to Public but I may need to give you advice on that.