Author Topic: Sub Cat not empty it has subsub cats when Show (empty categories?) is set to (No)  (Read 807 times)

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Offline Bilal Abdeen

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Thank you for the excellent extension.

When the configuration option (Show empty categories?) is set to (No), subcategories are NOT displayed on the (category) page/layout! As a matter of fact, it seems that it displays ONLY the 1st subcategory. It does NOT seem to display the rest of the subcategories!


Offline ColinM

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The objective of 'Do not Show Empty Categories' is just what it says.  But note that if a sub cat is empty -that is it has has no Downloads - then any sub-sub cats are also not shown.  This is not a bug but what was intended.
However its flexibility could be improved if there was a sub option that said it was not empty if it had a sub sub cat.
So have nmoved to the 3.9 suggestions.