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full size image when clicked
« on: 21.04.2020 11:57:03 »
Ok so I donated to Jdownloads for the link removal and now have a complete new issue with my website. When I removed the link with the instructions I received which is all I will say as I think it is well worth the donation I now have a new issue.

Before the removal when people clicked on a download and then clicked on a thumbnail it would bring a full sized image of the thumbnail. But since removal of the link no thumbnail image on any downloads will open up to a full sized image.

Also I have another bug were the link has been removed the module below the jdownloads has now moved the title from the module below and cuts into the jdownload module.

I hope this makes sense the best way to show you is visit my website and you will see that on the front page my module saying recently downloaded title is now next to the back button on jdownloads were the copyright used too be. website is wizzsim.com 

but if I place the copyright link back onto the module everything works as normal the thumbnails work and the module below goes back into the right position.

Just not my day is it.


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Re: full size image when clicked
« Reply #1 on: 22.04.2020 12:28:30 »
I will send you a Private Message which is secure.