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Downloads display occasionally
« on: 10.03.2020 19:55:14 »
Document downloads display only when a menu item is new. Otherwise, nothing displays. I'm using the latest Joomla version 3.9.16 as well as the latest jdownloads version.

My php is 7.3.15. MySql is     5.6.40-84.0. My site is hosted on Siteground with a shared account.

My cache settings are off in Joomla as well as on the server. Compression is off. The site is developed in SP Pagebuilder. I'm displaying the downloads in a module via "components anywhere," although the results are identical if I display the documents via the component separately.  SeeEDIT removed direct link to site for Safety
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Re: Downloads display occasionally
« Reply #1 on: 11.03.2020 09:45:57 »
Have removed the direct lnk to avoid spammers.  Will send you a Private Message.Need to look in more detail at your site as I do not quite understand.Are you saying a Download only displays once?  Are you using the jD Content plugin to display the Download?