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Hiding all downloads page
« on: 05.03.2020 17:53:15 »
I'm looking for assistance with an inherited site, and noticed that an all downloads page exists on the site. All of our downloads
require a form to be filled out in order to access the download. There is a page/link call "/all" which shows all the downloads, and I need to hide that page, should or can I block that page in jDownloads or is this better done within Joomla itself?

Thanks, Paul

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Re: Hiding all downloads page
« Reply #1 on: 07.03.2020 09:16:54 »
Will try to help.  There are several ways in which a ' List all downloads' may be shown.  One of these is that a menu item could be the link.  Another is the 'Overview' button and it could be in the pulldown list, usually at top right, that may optionally include 'Overview' and 'All Downloads'.To best advise you it would be helpful to see the front end so I wll send you a Private Message (PM) - do not post your site address here.