Author Topic: Faster one-click download with password  (Read 153 times)

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Faster one-click download with password
« on: 15.11.2019 16:05:39 »
Hello! I have a website that uses a lot of single files downloads with password protection.
Is possible to speed up the download process?

Now i have (on article, with a file inserted with the plugin) two links:
  • Link on the name, that goes on the description
  • link on the button "download"
. If I click "download" i go to a page where the passowrd is asked. I insert the password and the I have to click on a "download" button again. If click on the name i have one more passage to do. It's a total of 3/4 cliks to download.
Is possible to reduce the clicks? Like download auto-start after inserting the password withoud click on the download button again? Thank you!

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Re: Faster one-click download with password
« Reply #1 on: 17.11.2019 13:04:17 »
There is a challenge as jD will not know when the user has completed the password!  So the Download button there actually is needed to check the password is OK.

When you click on the title part it goes to the Download Details.  You could avoid that step be turning off the relevant config setting.See http://www.jdownloads.net/documentation-for-jd3-2/faq-v3-2/download-actions-direct-via-summary-page-or-via-download-details