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Download logs filtering
« on: 28.08.2019 17:49:39 »

Is there a way of filtering the download logs using MySQL or the raw logs data?

The Download admin panel interface display the total downloads for a file. I would like to find out how many times the file was downloaded in a certain period by maybe running an SQL statement.

I have check but the number I get for a file using the alias and whats on the download interface is not the same.

I am referring to a file where the data was logged and stored in the DB from the upload date (logs DB table has not been cleared)


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Re: Download logs filtering
« Reply #1 on: 29.08.2019 11:53:57 »
The logging of downloads is in the database table __jdownloads_logs.  For a Download the type field is 1Other entries include the Download title, the Download id and the actual filename together with the date-time of the downloading and,if logged in, the user id.
So you could readily execute a suitable SQL query to find what you need.