Author Topic: Page generation time is slow when "task = download.send"  (Read 76 times)

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I have noticed an issue with Jdownloads version 3.2.64 and earlier (tested down to 3.261), in some circumstances, when a user click on the download button the time for the server to generate the page "download.send" is above 12 seconds. Many of my users have complained that their download isn't starting, now I understand it's because they didn't wait for more than 12 seconds.

How to reproduce this issue :

The setting of Jdownloads :
- Activate direct-downloading? Yes
- Send Downloads using the PHP Script? No

Settings of the download :
- External File Link : Yes filled with an external link
- Is the main file on an external web page? Yes
- Leave the rest of "Files Data" empty except the file size.

THE USER MUST BE LOGGED OUT in order to reproduce the issue.
Strangely, if you are already logged in to your account the page will generate very fast!

Any idea how to resolve this issue?

Thank you

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Re: Page generation time is slow when "task = download.send"
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I have tried to reproduce but have been unable to reat your results.  Set up as you described.  Tried from two different test sites. Tested wih Firefox and Edge.
any more info would help - will send you a PM