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upload Jdownloads
« on: 02.06.2019 02:13:19 »
Hello everyone. Im in need of alittle help  ::) if possible. I have setup the upload page for downloads for around 80mb.

I have updated my php.ini with the following max_execution_time = -1, memory_limit = 125M, post_max_size = 100M, upload_max_filesize = 80M, file_uploads = On. unless im missing something I should be able to upload upto 80MB files. Now on the upload page it says under select main file max upload size 80MB. But just under this it says Allowed file extensions: zip, rar, pdf, txt, doc, gif, png, jpg
and Allowed maximum size: 2048 KB. Ive tried uploading a 3mb file but nothing happens. Ive contacted my hosting provider interserver and they have said that I can upload files upto 80mb but the upload page just wont allow me to. Am I Missing something. If anyone could shine some light or if ive missed something could you please help me. thanks matt.

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Re: upload Jdownloads
« Reply #1 on: 03.06.2019 10:53:24 »
Is this from front end or backend?  If it is from Front End which user group is logged in?  And have you set the limit in the User Groups Settings for that User Group?  There are some aritcles on user group settings in the documementation that might be helpful.