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link to download before dns change
« on: 04.04.2019 13:57:13 »
I have a site on my server but the dns for the site has not yet been set up.  I can access everything on the site including creating new downloads in jdownloads however when I click on a download I get a 404 error.  Is this because the DNS change has not yet been done?  Is there any way I can get this to work?  If not how can I be sure it will work once the DNS changes have been done and propagated.

These are the details  (I have not included the actual username for security reasons.

Current Site URL (temporary) : https://uk608.directrouter.com/~<username>
Configured upload directory path : /home/<username>/public_html/jdownloads
Example Link : https://uk608.directrouter.com/~<username>/en/agendas-minutes-schedule-of-meetings/send/21-agendas/757-march-acm-25-03-09
Actual URL visited when above link is clicked : http://uk608.directrouter.com/jdownloads/Saesneg/Meetings/2018-19/Agendas/March%20ACM%2025.03.19.pdf

URL that should be accessed : http://uk608.directrouter.com/~<username>/jdownloads/Saesneg/Meetings/2018-19/Agendas/March%20ACM%2025.03.19.pdf

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Re: link to download before dns change
« Reply #1 on: 04.04.2019 16:22:23 »
In a standard jDownloads setup the actual downloading is done by your browser.  So if you do not have DNS setup the browser cannot find the site!When uploading this is done by jD directly so that will work.DNS usually takes up to 5 days to propagate fully but if the server is local (eg in same Country/State) then it is quite quick to establish the paths.
ColinPresume it is a new site or a new server.