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Layout questions
« on: 15.01.2019 10:00:19 »
Is it possible to override the component templates? I need to modify the output of the categories page so that the files in the category display in a table with rows and column with one file per cell. There does not seem to be a good way to do this based on the Layout Manager. Does the Layout Managers support including any php? If not I think I need to override the view in my custom joomla template directory. The reason is I need a while loop or some structure that says.

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Re: Need help?
« Reply #1 on: 15.01.2019 16:47:20 »
Just need to clear up a couple of things so I can better understand.
  • The layouts in the Categories section is only used to show all the top level categoriues
  • The layouts in the Category section on show a single Category
  • The Paginated Categories layouts are used when there are several categories (in jd3.9 which we are working on is cleare in this respect)
  • When ever a Download is displayed then it is the active Files Layout that is used.
So what I think you are wanting is a multi column Files Layout ( in jD 3.9 these layouts are in the Downloads layout section)This can be readily done uss CSS as demonstrated in the examples below.NB to edit layouts please first read articlehttp://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/editing-a-layout
The easiest way to do this is to create your own files layout based on one of the standard layouts, which in this example I have used below is files layout "Files link only v3.2".The main body of this layout has the code
Code: [Select]
<div class = "jd_files_oneline" style="">{file_title}{release}{pic_is_new}{pic_is_hot}{pic_is_updated} </div>Using that as the active layout gives as shoewn in the first pic.This is not very tidy and it will not be organised in nice columns!But if we make a copy anfd then edit the copy to have say for 3 coulmns
Code: [Select]
<div class = "jd_files_oneline" style="width: 30%;">{file_title}{release}{pic_is_new}{pic_is_hot}{pic_is_updated}</div> Then the output as in the second pic - one could add more information.In the third pic I added text-align: center;
<div class = "jd_files_oneline" style="width:30%; text-align:center;">{file_title}{release}{pic_is_new}{pic_is_hot}{pic_is_updated}</div>
Hope the above helps.  Should you need more info then please ask!!Colin

PS Although used in articles article in http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/using-the-content-plugin-in-articles-and-modules might alsoi be helpfull