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Downloads not showing in specific category
« on: 14.11.2018 16:25:50 »
Files are not shown in a specific category of my website that is powered by jDownloads.

Please see below references:

https://www.cdema.org/ews/response-capacity-2 = works perfectly

https://www.cdema.org/ews/dissemination-communication-of-alerts-3 = doesn't show any download I add to the category after the one that is being displayed at the moment.

Please help!

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Re: Downloads not showing in specific category
« Reply #1 on: 15.11.2018 11:55:18 »
HiThink I understand your query.
If I use the link https://www.cdema.org/ews/response-capacity-2 there are about a dozen categories listed each with 1 or more downloads. With the exception of the last one 'School Disaster/Emergency Plan Template' all the categories have a picture associated with them.  This is being displayed with the Standard Categories layout. When there are multiple downloads, for example 'Public Awareness and Public Education for Disaster Risk Reduction: Key Messages' each is a pdf in a different language (thought that was very neat scheme).  The last one listed has extra information which is displayed.  A standard Files without Checkboxes layout is used

With the https://www.cdema.org/ews/dissemination-communication-of-alerts-3 link it shows 4 categories: three of them have one file and one of them, Community Early Warning Systems: Guiding Principles, has three files.  After clicking on the title of 'Community Early Warning Systems: Guiding Principles'  the three downloads are displayed but instead of the last one having the 'information' it is the second one, which makes it look odd.
Now the Downloads are listed in the order selected in the jD Config Front End Tab or in the relevant menu item.  From the structure I believe the order is the default order which is by file id.  Thus normally the last one displated would be the last one created, that is the most rect one on that category.
So the solution to the problem is to remove the information from the loer IDs and re-add it to the one with the highest id in that category.
That is in this case add the info to the Spanish version Download and remove from the French one