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Admin single category view for user
« on: 19.09.2018 22:24:24 »
Hi, using Joomla 3.8.8 and jDownloads 3.2.

Is it possible to allow a single user to VIEW and UPLOAD to a single category in the Joomla admin panel. The user should only have access to the jDownloads components and only view ONE category.
All the downloads should be available to view and downloadable by the public in the front-end.

Currently I am able to give a user access to only the download component. The problem is the user can "see" all the categories. We want the user to only see one category and only upload/edit/delete downloads in one category.


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Re: Admin single category view for user
« Reply #1 on: 23.09.2018 21:26:40 »
You can do this with access from the Front End.Set up up a user group called say asd-ug and a view Access level called say asd-view where asd-ug is the only member.  Then create a jD menu with menu type 'create download'.  In the menu options you can specify a specific category for any Downloads created using that menu.  Make the user a member of the asd-ug.  And in jD users Groups Settings give the asad-ug a high ranking.  For mor info see the Documentation.