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Suggestions - Feature Request / 'Invert' when Updated appears
« Last post by ColinM on 17.02.2021 14:15:03 »
Presently in order to mark a Download as 'updated' as well as the actual modification one also has to set the "Has it been 'Updated' " field to Yes.

There have been querries by several users that their Download does not show as updated because they have not set that field.
A more automatic scheme would be to 'invert' the action to say mark as not updated when modifying a Download. 

This would need another Option in either the 'Pictures and Button' tab or the 'Frontend' tab to set the Download as Modified automatically if it is changed or requires setting the "Has it been 'Updated' " field.

jDownloads 3.9 / Need to be logged in to download
« Last post by bobbruce on 16.02.2021 16:27:04 »
I have set up some downloads but can only download them if logged in. Everywhere I have checked in permissions shows Guests and Public can download items, but unless I log in, as soon as I click on a category I am requested to log in. Am I missing something obvious?
jDownloads 3.9 / Re: Error when saving sub-cat
« Last post by Spark640 on 16.02.2021 11:47:49 »
I've run the check for directories and think I've got that sorted, some downloads not found when checking the existence but I can put those back manually from my localhost, slow but works
jDownloads 3.9 / Re: Error when saving sub-cat
« Last post by Spark640 on 16.02.2021 08:59:35 »
Hi Colin
Yes, you're right, shows the following category errors in the attachment when checking for categories.
Only Layout issues, examples and ideas / Re: Category Listbox
« Last post by HerKle on 16.02.2021 08:44:12 »
Thx Colin,
in the options I can define the limits for number of days to evaluate a download as new, the number of hits to define a download as "hot" etc. So why not use these data in cat-listbox as parameters? Maybe I should formulate this under "Suggestion"?

Is there the possibility to use these parameters in a template override or is this process restricted to core files?

And: btw: the button "updated" never appears in the download files list, no matter if I updated a file seconds ago.
Thy again, kind regards Herbert
Only Layout issues, examples and ideas / Re: Category Listbox
« Last post by ColinM on 16.02.2021 01:16:47 »
The Category List Box is shown by all layouts.  There is a standard placeholder, {category_listbox}, in the header section.
The List box shows the categories to the defined number of levels but at this time there is no parameter to limit the number of Downloads in the  All, Top and Latest options.  But there is a limit to how many items per page  with the opion 'Number of Downloads to show per page'.

jDownloads 3.9 / Re: Error when saving sub-cat
« Last post by ColinM on 16.02.2021 00:33:46 »
Looks like a problem with that category.  Please try the jD Control panel and run the check Download Area
I will send you a PM
jDownloads 3.9 / Re: jDownloads Language File
« Last post by ColinM on 16.02.2021 00:27:38 »
Yes they are commented out.  Numerous upgrades were made to the batch facility and those you found are from the older partWill see if they can be removed in next update
jDownloads 3.9 / Re: Top Button
« Last post by ColinM on 16.02.2021 00:12:30 »
Sorry but I do not understand where the 'top buttons' are located
Could you mark on the pic?
The single line Layout just has title and Download button.
Are you using it in the Content Plugin?

jDownloads 3.9 / Re: Download Publishing
« Last post by ColinM on 16.02.2021 00:03:48 »
Apologies for delayYou need to look at the User Group settings for the Registered Group.  You can the allow that group to PublisH
For more information please see
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