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I have setup up a new, separate XAMPP with Joomla in it, and newly install JDownload in it as well as test. And it works fine with all of the default settings! I will have to rebuild my upgraded site in this new installation and go forward with it, as there appears to be something goofy with the old test site.
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Check Download area
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 18:16:57 »
Thanks for the input. I have copied to Arno.
How to change from JComments to EasyDiscuss? Help, please  :-\

I have disabled JComments in jDownloads: Configuration and added an, inside footer on layout Download Details.
But I would like the counters for comments to shown from EasyDiscuss, also is the there better solution to showing the comments inside download page.

I Would Really Appreciate Your help! I need to solve this asap.  :)

Best regards,
jDownloads 3.2 / Get 1064 error when adding Tags to the download
« Last post by tillhunter on Yesterday at 07:22:17 »
When I'm trying to add Tags and save I get an error like
1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
And as a result tags not saving.

Joomla 3.8.5
Jdownloads  3.2.56

jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Check Download area
« Last post by ciklon on 16.02.2018 20:22:45 »
- After the scan script is complete, the log under the scanning process is empty.
This problem occurs again after reaching 30177 files (1996 folders). I had to raise the limits in scan.php and in the PHP settings on the server for the scanning to work properly.

I have one suggestion: In future versions of the component
- scan.php for error report does not use error.php on the site because if the error.php page is changed and does not contain:

Code: [Select]
<span class="label label-inverse"><?php echo $this->error->getCode(); ?></span> <?php echo htmlspecialchars($this->error->getMessage(), ENT_QUOTES'UTF-8');?>
<?php if ($this->debug) : ?>
<br/><?php echo htmlspecialchars($this->error->getFile(), ENT_QUOTES'UTF-8');?>:<?php echo $this->error->getLine(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

 Ğ°fter scanning there is no report if there are any errors.

The error.php page without this code can be downloaded here.

Best Regards
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: How to limit max number of downloads per user ?
« Last post by Arno on 16.02.2018 13:39:44 »
Not possible at the moment.
Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you, Colin, for your reply.

The Upload directory path is set as you say, and I can see the PDF file in the "<Category>" file, which is "Sermons".

The Download and Category each have their id set.

The Global Config. settings are as you describe.

Something more that I have noticed:

The failing link with the "download" path segment in it is actually the Link for the download title in the Article generated by the Content plugin. This is gives the error page. The "Download" button itself is the one with the "send" path segment which successfully gives the file itself. I am not sure what is supposed to be in that title link. Might it be the Categories link? Or the detailed information page for the download file?

 I've also noticed this in the backend in the jDownloads component:

The "Link" link shows the error in the backend Categories page in jDownload Component:

The "Download this file" symbol link shows the file successfully in the backend Downloads -> Edit Download page for this download in jDownload Component:

I'm wondering if it is an install error, something not enabled, or else I still have something misconfigured.

jDownloads 3.2 / Re: MultiLanguage with Categories doesn't work
« Last post by rumen on 15.02.2018 23:41:51 »

Thanks for the answer. I spoke with Arno and there is a bug for multi-language sites.
I will use the old way, without menus attached for the categories and the URL will be:


Thanks :)
General / Re: Abfrage der custom Fields im Layout
« Last post by gulsti on 15.02.2018 12:51:03 »
Ah... ;-)
I'll include it without the icons first. I have to make sure that everything is possible with JD and the many downloads.
I will probably have to write some plugins for the different editions, or rewrite existing ones. So far I have only programmed for PHPnuke... so I have to change completely for Joomla.
Thank you very much for the effort to help me up to here.

By the way, the forum system swallows umlauts in the text and cuts off text if you write in German with umlauts.

Bugs / Re: Error when monitoring files
« Last post by ColinM on 15.02.2018 12:44:16 »
Yes if you turn that option off (No) then you should not need the code changes.

I will do some more experiments as generally my test sites do not use the make pdf icons as I think the result is rarely useful as most pdfs are text!!  Maybe there is a problem so I will check on a web based host site rather than xampp
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