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jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Multiple Reduce Points by IDM
« Last post by debugger on Today at 08:06:44 »
I have adjusted exactly the same way
Suggestions - Feature Request / Category Tree Menu type
« Last post by amir00251 on Today at 01:00:52 »

One of the important things missing in jdownloads is a category tree menu where user can quickly change categories in the side and click on the files without moving away from the page.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks Colin, I am really looking forward to this upgrade.
General / Re: Downloads Taking A Long Time
« Last post by Arno on Today at 00:06:58 »
do you mean the public download area or this one for registered users?
Bots are annoying.  ::)   But you could use the reCaptcha option to prevent this. See instruction in the documentation.
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Multiple Reduce Points by IDM
« Last post by Arno on Yesterday at 23:59:04 »
Maybe you should use in the AUP plugin the setting on the pic? Described also in the documentations article above.
General / Re: Downloads Taking A Long Time
« Last post by dlcinsd on Yesterday at 19:17:31 »
Thank you for clarifying Colin.  I made the change.

One final question...

It looks like there might be downloads that are not triggered by a person.

Since yesterday I see over 300 downloads logged in our database.  That's a surprising number.

This is a slow time of year for us and it's the Holidays. 

So I think that a lot of the downloads are probably not real.

Could downloads be triggered by a spider or some other automated mechanism?

If so, is there a way to stop that?
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Changing Button Color/Style
« Last post by ibscas on Yesterday at 15:50:08 »

Thanks so much for replying!  I don't think I expressed my issue properly though :(.  I understand the CSS and the fact that there is only one CSS that will not be potentially overwritten on an update, the issue I have is that CSS aside, this code in the template
Code: [Select]
<div class="jd_title_right  jd_download_url_position" style="">{url_download}</div>  gets the 'orange' added to only field placeholder.  So: 
Code: [Select]
{url_download} becomes 
Code: [Select]
<a href="/index.php/downloads/summary/11-screenshots/4-screenshot-template-photoshop" class="jdbutton jorange ">Download</a> So the class jorange is embedded into the placeholder without any further control from me.  I had thought that perhaps since the CSS also stated that there was a jred and jblue, etc, that maybe there was a place where that theme could be changed.  In order to fix this in the file that never gets overwritten by updates I would have to overwrite each CSS property of jorange so that they "reset" to a non-CSS version so I could then reformat them.  I may just be forced to remove the jorange from the button CSS altogether and just know that on each update I'll have to delete that.
General / Re: Problem by AUP
« Last post by debugger on Yesterday at 14:46:55 »
I have a lot of user
AUP sync need a lot of time
i was backup users from db & delete all of users then sync after that restore users table to db
General / Re: Problem by AUP
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 13:40:46 »
I do not understand!!!  Is it resyncing with AUP?
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Multiple Reduce Points by IDM
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 13:39:09 »

By Download Duration I presume that is the one in User Groups Settings.That parameter is one that allows users to do multiple downloads of the same file within the durarion
The Download Duration Restriction setting is a spe***ed restriction for use where the internet connection is 'poor' and multiple attempts may be required.  The duration, which is in minutes, is the time in which a new download of the same file, and from the same user, is not counted as a 'new' Download. This is important for instance with paid Downloads.  The value is important when Download manager software is being used, and also for the resuming interrupted Downloads. Change this value only if you are sure of the consequences! The default value is 60 minutes.  Note that if the user switches to a different window then that terminates the duration!
So because you see multiple downloads within the duration time that does not mean that moe AUP points or the limit has been exceeded
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