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General / Re: Inherited Permissions not working
« Last post by richard152 on Yesterday at 15:29:23 »
Hi Colin,

Thanks for the response.

I have attached screenshots of each permission. They seem to be calculated correctly but we have to manually select "allowed" instead of "inherited". The script i previously mentioned also works.
We are allowing all downloads from public.

We are planning to update the entire platform next year but we need a temporary fix for this. Have I done everything correctly from my screenshots? any other ideas?

Thanks again

Bugs / Re: plugin cbjdownloads error [New version available]
« Last post by gweb on Yesterday at 14:18:00 »
Thank you very much  :)
It now work well ! Thanks for realasing and ur fast support,  it's very nice and I hope it can help other users!

Best regards.
Bugs / Re: plugin cbjdownloads error
« Last post by ColinM on 27.11.2021 18:55:23 »
Have now done a fuller test and the version below does work as tested in CB 2.6.4+build.2021.
Have changed the version to be compliant with CB so version 2.0.11 attached - no functional difference
Bugs / Re: plugin cbjdownloads error
« Last post by ColinM on 26.11.2021 12:51:39 »
Could you try the attatched version C of the plugin and let us know if all is well (hopefully!!)
Whoops Just found another bug!!!

Bugs / Re: plugin cbjdownloads error
« Last post by ColinM on 26.11.2021 11:26:05 »

I am working on a revised version  of the CB plugin, version v2.10C, with the changes to the getTabTitle function.
Bugs / Re: plugin cbjdownloads error
« Last post by ColinM on 26.11.2021 10:18:28 »
We will check this out.
Could you please advise which version of Community Builder you were using previously.
The jD extension for CB was last tested on Community Builder_2.6.0+ so will checkout on the latest 2.6.4 version
Bugs / Re: No Picture
« Last post by irstt on 25.11.2021 12:23:46 »
Hello Arno
The images are visible on the server, also in thumbnails. I set the rights to 777 without success.
The Images category is displayed
I activated debug without an error message
Bugs / Re: No Picture
« Last post by Arno on 25.11.2021 12:02:58 »
Hi Kurt,
könntest du bitte einmal via FTP in diese Ordner schauen um zu sehen ob dort überhaupt Bilder korrekt hochgeladen/erstellt wurden?

Habe ein solches Problem zuvor noch nie gesehen. Daher vermute ich hier fehlerhafte Zugriffsrechte. Bitte ebenfalls via FTP prüfen.
Der Media Manager findet ja Dateien, kann sie aber wohl nicht darstellen/öffnen.

Eventuell könnte es auch helfen, einmal die Debug Funktion von Joomla zu aktivieren und das Error Reporting zu erhöhen. Siehe unsere Doku:
Bugs / plugin cbjdownloads error [New version available]
« Last post by gweb on 25.11.2021 10:26:37 »
Hi all,
i need some help please to resolve this following error for the plugin CBJDOWNLOADS :

Code: [Select]
Warning: Declaration of cbjdownloadsTab::getTabTitle($tab, $user, $ui, $postdata) should be compatible with cbTabHandler::getTabTitle($tab, $user, $ui, $postdata, $reason = NULL) in /homepages/***/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbjdownloads/cbjdownloads.php on line 215.

This error is showing on frontend when cbjdownloads is activated.

Version of cb install : 2.6.4+build.2021. / plugin for 3.2 was unistalled and the new version for 3.9 was installed. version of jdownloads : Did'nt found a solution and cb forum recommend to tell the bug to jdownloads support : https://www.joomlapolis.com/forum/145-community-builder/242376-update-2-4-4-build-2020-04-14-16-36-55-34b252f57.
thanks in advance, regards.
New version available at http://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/downloads/download/18-special-extensions-jd3-9/69-plugin-for-community-builder-2-6-4-and-later-for-jdownloads-3-9.html
Bugs / Re: Shortcodes Displaying
« Last post by ColinM on 25.11.2021 09:57:12 »
Not come across this before!  But maybe I am not properly undertsanding the querry.
Could you please add a screen shot. Or it might be useful to look at one of the affected sites directly so I will send you a PM (Presonal Message)
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