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jDownloads 3.2 / Alternative to PayPerDownload?
« Last post by diwou on Today at 19:53:27 »
Unfortunately PayPerDownload is useless. It seems to be very easy to overcome without paying. I already had contact with the developer, but there was not really a solution.

That's why I wanted to ask if there is any alternative to linking JDownloads and PayPal?
I couldn't find a tutorial how to accomplish that available downloads are visible for all visitors of my page, but downloadable only after logn.

I want to show the downloads publicly. When a visitor decides to download one of these, the download button shall lead to Joomla's Login page. After login the user shall automatically be redirected to his chosen download and with last click on download button be able to download it.

Is there any description available of how to achieve this?

I found here some descriptions about rights, which were rather complicated to follow. With those, I couldn't get what I want. Thanks for any help.

Regards, Herbert
The basic answer is Yes
Hi Guys

I'm sorry friends the previous link is wrong the right one is


Thank you.
Hi Guys

I need your help, I want to make a WEB like this https://recomendacionesytendancias.com and I would like to know if you recommend me to do it in Joomla

Thank you.
General / Re: Timimgproblems after moving to an new Hoster
« Last post by Arno on 13.05.2019 23:34:35 »
Hallo dollman,
ich habe beide Links ausprobiert, kann aber keinerlei Unterschiede in der Ladegeschwindigkeit feststellen. Ist das ursprüngliche Problem also gelöst?

Wie Colin bereits schrieb, muss nach einem Wechsel zu einer anderen Domain der entsprechende Eintrag in der jD Konfiguration angepasst werden. Siehe pic. Hier ist der neue absolute Pfad anzugeben.

Tipps für einen Joomla Umzug sind via Google schnell zu finden: Beispiel:
General / Re: Timimgproblems after moving to an new Hoster
« Last post by ColinM on 13.05.2019 13:58:26 »
The upload directory is the one that points to jdownloads directory.  So if you have the same structure then it would have ai.delta-software.com where previously it had delta-software.comNormally it is the same as the path to the temp folder in Joomla! Global config - server settings but with jdownloads rather than tmp.
But having looked at your new site with Firefox I do not think the root problem is with jD.  I went direct to another pagehttps://ai.delta-software.com/unser-angebot/produkte/amelio-logic-discovery.html#tab1
and got the warning below

"Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to ai.delta-software.com. If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details."
When I went to the link you gave Firefox warned that a web page was slowing the site down, this was before I tried any Download
General / Re: Timimgproblems after moving to an new Hoster
« Last post by dollman on 13.05.2019 13:34:15 »
I have changed the "Download Hauptverzeichnis" (Konfiguration --> Downloads). Where I will found the Upload-Directory?
General / Re: Timimgproblems after moving to an new Hoster
« Last post by ColinM on 13.05.2019 13:30:32 »
In jD Configuration - Downloads tab did you change the location ofthe Upload directory path?  It may still be pointing at the old site.Colin
General / Timimgproblems after moving to an new Hoster
« Last post by dollman on 13.05.2019 09:31:03 »
we will move to a new Hoster, but after the moving our Website ist very slow. We have tunred on/off the Joomla Plugins. After turning off JDownloads the site is very fast - turning JDownloads on the website is very slow. What problem have JDownloads after the moving - does anyone can help us?

Example-Link before moving:

Example-Link after moving:

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