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This and that... / Re: How to free up space on iPhone ?
« Last post by larryjones on Today at 21:05:28 »
It is the bisggest problem outcome my IPhone please let me best solution.
jDownloads 3.2 / Can't upload files
« Last post by afa4ii on Today at 16:13:35 »
win 10 version 1803 OS build 17134.523. Joomla version 3.9.3

 in components open   jdownloads, click on Files then click upload files, I get this error: Your browser doesn't have html5,flash,gears,silverlight,browserplus,html4 runtime support, this happens with Firefox 65.0.1 chrome & edge, anyone else have this problem?
General / Problem with upload downloads?
« Last post by sdslav on Today at 12:56:38 »
Hi there,

I have the following problem:
I have installed jDownloads on Joomla! 3.9.2 and configured Categories and UserGroups according the instruction. Initialy I have little trouble to adjust User group settings but finaly succed with little exception.

I want to allow registterd users to be abble to create downloads - usually PDF files. I created special group and give it the needed permision to upload and fill the data fields in upload form. Unfortunately when a registered user click on "Save" button, an Error: "Save failed with the following error: Invalid Parent ID" shows.

After that If I check the Downloads in the corresponding category I see that the file is uplouded succesfuly and I can open/download it without anny problem... but this error message confuses my coleagues ?!

I try different options in UserGroup, but still with no succes. I supose that the error may occur due to unpropriate settings of the Joomla, but I am not sure?!

So, could you give me an advise what can be the reason this error appears?

Thank you in advance!
General / Re: Sortable fields don't render properly
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 13:34:44 »
Suggest you use "Standard Files Layout without Checkboxes v3.2" - there are layouts with the same name as the table based ones but have '3.2' in the name.
Noted your wry comment about Protostar using Tables.  My reference was to the old style in jD.  Tables still have a use but they are less helpfull on small devices. In general they are less responsive.
Suggestions - Feature Request / Allow jD Content plugin to set text
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 13:15:46 »
Presently the jD content plugin show the Download title as the link. 
Many people like to have theier own text such as  'click here' or similar.  Users also recognise such a phase.
It would be an enhancement to extend the plugin to support say  {jd_file file==31 text=='click here'} or similar.If the text== was absent or was written text==''  then the Download Title would be used.
ColinPS http://www.jdownloads.com/forum/index.php?topic=11460 refers
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Custom link text
« Last post by ColinM on Yesterday at 13:04:31 »
Yes I will add it to the suggestion list
Edit   See http://www.jdownloads.com/forum/index.php?topic=11462.0
jDownloads 2.5 / Re: Download not requiring login
« Last post by Bonifacio on Yesterday at 03:38:28 »
This place is a very good combination of knowledge that we have to come to read for real knowledge.
Bugs / Re: Permission of single download not working - fixed in 3.2.64
« Last post by Arno on 17.02.2019 23:05:13 »
Fixed in coming 3.2.64.
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Support for piwik?
« Last post by LUCiD on 17.02.2019 18:49:02 »
Hi there,

as far as I know, Matomo (formerly Piwik) is recording downloads automatically, but I guess only if it is a direct link to a file. But you can add a css class to the generated download button / link as described here. I dont know where in the jD files the link / button is generated (e.g. for the placeholder {url_download} in the jD templates), but I think Arno can clarify that. But altering the jD files isn't a good idea, cause after an update the changes are gone and you have to do it again and again.

Another solution I could think of, is to defining a goal in Matomo, where you can use regular expressions for URL patterns, to catch and record the downloads as a goal, if a special URL pattern is matching (with Firefox you can use the Network Monitor to find out how the URLs for the downloads looks like).

I have not testet nor done it by myself, cause the protocol of jD is sufficient for me. If you need a better advice than this, I think it would be more helpful to ask it at the Matomo community, like Arno said already.
Bugs / Re: Permission of single download not working
« Last post by Arno on 17.02.2019 10:48:04 »
I think I understand you and will try to fix this issue in the next week (together with a few others). Thanks.
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