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I have benefited from your message very much.
jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Cyrillic symbols in file name
« Last post by Arno on Yesterday at 17:01:10 »
I think that jDownloads is the only Joomla download manager which try to support all characters. But this is not always easy. We had prior a few russian and hebrew users which had helped us by this problems. So I know that this works properly when all settings are correct. But basicly, UTF-8 must be supported on your servers filesystem (maybe not the correct term but i know not another in my bad english). Contact your hoster to get a right information. The fact that you can see kyrillic characters in your servers file manager is not really a sure evidence for this. So please contact your hoster.  In my case i must move my website to another server before I could test it at that time.

Another tip:
Maybe should you search here in the forum to terms like 'kyrillic', 'russian' or 'utf8'.


Super-User is able to see everything even unpublished!

With a e.g. registered user everything is fine!

Thanks & Regards

Thanks für your reply:

Unpublished Items are still shown in FE except the Download-Button.

using jD3.2.51 and Joomla! 3.4.8

jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Cyrillic symbols in file name
« Last post by okb2 on 25.04.2017 13:52:43 »
Hi! Yes, I  have Cyrillic Names for Folders and Files. In Joomla! article I inserted example link on file (see attached pictures) "http:/<sitename>.ru/images/Тест/тест.txt" as link property. If I copied it link to clipboard in web-browser (site character set is UTf-8) I have "http://<sitename>.ru/images/%D0%A2%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82/%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82.txt", but when I try to save it I have proper cyrillic file name "тест.txt". When I make Download in JDownloads with this file "тест.txt" I get download link "http://<sitename>.ru/arkhiv-dokumentov/send/14-test/39-test-txt". When I try to "Save link as..." I get this "N‚DhuNN‚.txt" as file name. It appears when configuration is set to: Use UTF-8=YES, Replace spaces with underscores in names?=NO,Change names to lowercase?=NO,Remove/Change special characters in name?=NO. When configuration is set to: Use UTF-8=NO, Replace spaces with underscores in names?=YES,Change names to lowercase?=YES,Remove/Change special characters in name?=YES. I get "http://<sitename>.ru/arkhiv-dokumentov/send/14-test/39-test-txt" in clipboard, but when I try to "Save link as..." get this "n_dhun_n.txt" as file name. It is not what I want :).   By transliteration rules "тест.txt" should translate into ''test.txt", but I have "n_dhun_n.txt" :( I don't know how to   use cyrillic symbols or properly translated cyrillic symbols in file names in Downloads. Or I should modify  function utf8_latin_to_ascii to have proper transliteration? Thanks for the answer!
I do not understand as it seems very strange.  If a Download is unpublished it should not show in Front End.

Have checked out and all seems well using jD3.2.51 and Joomla! 3.6.5 see pics
Just to help check out could you please advise which version of jD and which version of Joomla! you are using.

If you would like me to look in more detail please send super user login details by PM  - click on white 'square' near my name.

No idea anyone?
Did I misconfigured the frontend-configuration?

jDownloads 3.2 / Re: Tutorial for first secured installation
« Last post by Arno on 25.04.2017 10:17:05 »
PS: do we have any documents/tutorials in German?
Du kannst den integrierten Google Übersetzer auf dieser Webseite verwenden.
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