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Title: False download notifications(solved - not jD problem)
Post by: alanandrew on 06.12.2017 09:13:10
Hi all

Could someone explain to me why I receive a download notification every time Googlebot, Bingbot or even MSNbot crawl my site.

Hope you can help, thank you.

- Joomla version! 3.6.5
- jDownloads version! 3.2.56
- System Information: PHP 5.3.6, MySQL 5.5.5
- Site is hosted
Title: Re: False download notifications
Post by: alanandrew on 07.12.2017 09:11:14
OK, I think I have found the problem. My generated Sitemap.xml file had created direct links to the download documents in the search index causing the crawl bots to attempt to open the links thus triggering the notification.

I removed the sitemap links and the problem has been solved.