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Title: Error when monitoring files
Post by: etienne on 07.11.2017 10:36:49
Hello Arno, Colin,

Since some weeks, the auto monitoring function doesn't work.
I have following error :
"1 Failed to read the file"

I have tried to send again all JD files by FTP, thinking a script file was corrupted.
But it still doesnt work.

I cannot launch a manual monitoring (link is missing).
The display of the Control panel is strange, when displaying the error.

Thanks to help me solving this issue.
Title: Re: Error when monitoring files
Post by: ColinM on 08.11.2017 00:52:27
Which version of jD are you using? Also which version of Joomla1 and which version of PHP.

Have you recently upgraded jD as it sound like jD did load correctly when you upgraded. 
When upgrading to a later version do not use the Update in Extensions - Manage , just use the Install.  Also best to use Upload from Package File rather than Install from Web.  This avoids a potential PHP timeout in the Joomla 'installing mechanism'.
Please make a backup just in case.  Do not uninstall jD but install again as above.
Title: Re: Error when monitoring files
Post by: etienne on 08.11.2017 14:21:14
Hello Colin,

Here are informations about versions :
  • Joomla : 3.8.2
    JD : 3.2.56
    PHP : 7.1.9

I was using in the past the Extensions => Update method, maybe it went wrong.
Today I have installed JD above the existing component, by transferring the archive file "jDownloads 3.2.56".

But it has not changed anything to the problem, the "Error 1 : Failed to read the file" is still here.

I you want, you can use the admin account I created to you some time ago to look into the admin panel...

Thank you in advance
Best regards
Title: Re: Error when monitoring files
Post by: ColinM on 08.11.2017 18:02:01

I went to your backend, turned off automonitoring. Then ran auto monitoring manually from the control panel so I could see the log file
It found 2 missing categories as below

Category not found Canons d autel1 (2)
Category not found Livrets des offices pour les fidA les1 (2)

This looks like some one uploaded the "same" directory as previously existed so that jD formed a new category by appending (2) to its name.  Here "same" means that directories 'Meme' and 'meME' have identical names when converted to lower case.  This is because that by default jD uses the file name as the Category name.  Each category has an alias which in Joomla! is lower case!! So jD need to add the (2) and so on if multiple instances.
I think someone tidied up.  So when jD is doing its database consistency check it detects an error.  This is much better handled in the manual activation as it can report better. The auto version runs independently each time you go to the control panel, and stops at first error.

Coincidentally we are presently looking at this behaviour wth utf8 sites which canbe more challenging.

Title: Re: Error when monitoring files
Post by: etienne on 14.11.2017 11:25:14
Hello Colin,

Thank you for your answer, and for turning on manual monitoring.
I have seen the report showing the 2 missing categories.
I have tried to create them again by FTP, but it doesn't solve the issue.
The monitoring stops again with the same error.
I do no know what to do now to solve this issue.
If you need a FTP access, you can ask me it by PM.
Thank you in advance