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Title: 404 or database error on download (solved- subdomain problem)
Post by: pdnewman1 on 11.07.2017 02:15:01
Hello, I'm wondering what I've done wrong.  I have a brand new site which is hosted by godaddy.com.  I started from scratch.    Let's call it https://a.net/members/agmc.  There is a parallel domain ending ../awc.  The parent domain (a.net) is wordpress (sorry).

I've uploaded a file using the back end (also tried via FileZilla).  All goes well.  I log into the front end (community builder login); click on the menu item that lists all files; click download on the file to be downloaded; click again to confirm that file on the download summary page.  Then, in IE, edge, and Chrome, the spinner starts and it just sits there.  Eventually, after a couple of minutes, one of two things happen:  I come back to the download page and it says there is a database error and I should notify the administrator; or I get a 404 error.

Here's the URL it was trying to download: 

PS: I'm not a sophisticated administrator.  Stepwise instructions, if needed, greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: 404 or database error on download
Post by: ColinM on 11.07.2017 17:52:17
Here's the URL it was trying to download:
https://www.a.net/members/agmc/all-files/send/4-category1/8-junk-text-2 (https://www.a.net/members/agmc/all-files/send/4-category1/8-junk-text-2)
I tried the above but it gave server not found!

Might be best if you send a Private Message (click on whiteish "square" below my name) with details

Title: Re: 404 or database error on download
Post by: ColinM on 15.07.2017 17:26:53
Did some setup for you to clarify problem - yes it is a 404 error but do not think it is jD - never had it before!!

I set ups as below

 new user group called UploaderUG with parent Registered
new access called UploaderView with UploaderUG as its only member
new user called Uploader member of UploaderUG
joined users Colin m and Super User to UploaderUG
This is so we can set required User Groups Settings in one place with a ranking of 123 which is higher than any one else
Added two menu items List all Cats - with Registered view access  & Create Download with Uploader View Access
Added user uploader

In Category 1 I have given UploaderUG permissions to Create, Edit and Edit Own. It has also of cours inherited Download permission.  These permissions are also inherited by the Downloads.  When you create another Top level Cat then you will need to allow the same permissions.

Have set default image as the 'Select' so it should find its own extension pic.

You have a 2Mb limit for uploads due to settings in your php.ini file. Link below might help
http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/how-can-i-upload-larger-files?category_id=29 (http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/how-can-i-upload-larger-files?category_id=29)

Successfully uploaded from front end and backend.  However in frontend you have a redirect to a strange place after the upload completes.
Title: Re: 404 or database error on download
Post by: pdnewman1 on 23.07.2017 15:43:23
Hi Colin, thank you for looking at this.  I think I know what contributed to the problem and want to let you know:  If you think about the hierarchy that I had set up, keeping the site name anonymous in this string, it was https://a.net/b/c1.  I had created folder b manually followed by its sub-folder c1, and then installed Joomla followed by jdownloads into the c1 folder.  I was hoping to also have an https://a.net/b/c2 with another instance of Joomla and jdownloads. 

If I eliminate that intermediate folder called b and setup a hierarchy of https://a.net/c1 and https://a.net/c2 and install Joomla and jdownloads into those directories, all works as expected.   

So it's something about the intermediate folder being there without any content.   I'm able to move forward for now by using the a.net/c1 and a.net/c2 approach.  If there is something I should do in the future to allow for the a.net/b/c1 and c2 approach, I'd be interested in knowing.

Title: Re: 404 or database error on download
Post by: ColinM on 24.07.2017 10:08:56
Thanks for update. I had just concentrated on the jD aspects but should have spotted you we trying in effect to use a sub-sub-domain, hence there would be a dns problem and the resulting 404 error.  As you now have it as a simple 'sub domain' it works OK.

You can create a formal subdomain which might be a better way. Or you can create an 'add on domain'. But I am not an expert in that area!!
The link below might help in future to in effect give different 'addressable parts' to your main domain.