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Title: Cyrillic symbols in file name
Post by: okb2 on 20.04.2017 08:39:07
I can't get cyrillic symbols in  file name in Downloads. "аб.txt" looks like "Dh°Dh±.txt" after downloading.
"Use UTF-8" set to YES. But I can use cyrillic symbols i category name. For example "Тест". If I rename manualy url_download in data base to "аб.txt" and rename manually file name to "аб.txt" I can download this file as "аб.txt".
If "Use UTF-8" set to NO I have the same file name "Dh°Dh±.txt".

Can anybody help me with this problem.
Title: Re: Cyrillic symbols in file name
Post by: ColinM on 20.04.2017 11:19:44
You might find the article
a useful starting point. 
We have found that the most likely cause is that the server does not support UTF-8.  Translieration provides a useful way forward.
Title: Re: Cyrillic symbols in file name
Post by: okb2 on 24.04.2017 13:02:23
Hi! Thank you for the answer. I have already read this article but it didn't help me. I don't understand what does it means "server does not support UTF-8". I have FreeBSD 11 with UTF-8 locale,mariadb101-server-10.1.22_1, show create database like " CREATE DATABASE `<dbname>` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 */", I use ufs file system and try to use zfs file system (it was no differens). I have tested JDownloads with Joomla 3.6.5.  on ArchLinux (with Ext4)  but I had the same result. My site has UTF-8 encoding. I think that function utf8_latin_to_ascii works when "Use UTF-8" is ON and   when "Use UTF-8" is OFF(It may be wrong, because I was not good at PHP).   Transliteration will be good for me but it doesn't work properly. "аб.txt" must be "ab.txt" after transliteration, but I have "Dh°Dh±.txt". Help me please to understand what I do wrong for using UTF-8, and how can I set proper transliteration for the file names  (Alias transliteration works good."Тест" properly transformed into "test")  if it is not possible to use   cyrillic characters in file names. Thank you for the help...