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Title: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: cshaw on 12.12.2016 23:33:07
I am trying to update jdownloads to 2.5. I am getting the following error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(setting_name, setting_value) VALUES ('files.uploaddir', '/home/abcdefg/public_' at line 1 SQL=INSERT INTO (setting_name, setting_value) VALUES ('files.uploaddir', '/home/abcdefg/public_html/abcdefg/jdownloads');

It appears the modules and plugins have installed, but the component is not showing up.

Any ideas? 
Title: Re: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: ColinM on 13.12.2016 10:23:04
Which version of Joomla! are you using?  And which version of jD are you trying to install?
Have you seen the documentation at

Title: Re: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: cshaw on 13.12.2016 16:03:17
Joomla is 3.6.4 and I am trying to install jD 2.5.30. I attempted to install the 3.x version but it would not accept the backup.
Title: Re: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: ColinM on 15.12.2016 14:33:55
jD 2.5 series will not work with Joomla! 3.x so you should uninstall it.
Could we please establish a few things so I understand better.

Which version of Joomla! do you have?
Was this a migration from an earlier series of Joomla!
Have you used jD previously or is it the first time?

Title: Re: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: cshaw on 15.12.2016 17:04:41
I am on Joomla 3.3.6 and running jDownloads 

I just finished reverting to a backup so everything is working as of now. I still need to update jDownloads to the latest because the current version is causing hacking issues for us. 

We have been using jDownloads on our website for 3+ years now when we started our website and haven't had any problems. Obviously we haven't updated since we started using the program. Sham on us. 

Am I going to be able to upgrade to the latest jDownload without having to start over? I am starting to think it might be easier to uninstall and start over, but there is a lot of work to that.

Thank you for your continual help on this. 
Title: Re: Upgrade to 2.5
Post by: ColinM on 16.12.2016 15:00:53
Please see
which will help.
The main problem we have found is that your web server may run out of time during the migration process if you have a large number of Cats and Downloads because of the time taken on the database part of your server. 

So some people have made the jD upgrade on a local processor using say WAMP and then copied the resultant database parts and file parts to the main server.  Basically take an Akeeba type backup of your server and install on wamp with same database extensions etc. then upgrade on the local machine.   You can then choose to backup the WAMP one and re-load your server.
I need to confirm the following because of the Joomla! permissions
An alternative would be to use the jD  Backup tool on the WAMP system, copy over the jdownloads directory et al on to the main server and then use the jD Restore tool to set the jD parts of the data base.