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Title: Problem with multilingual site
Post by: ACR+ on 13.09.2016 12:14:05
Hi everyone,

First, sorry if I am not giving all the information needed when posting, but I have a really really basic knwoledge of Jdownload, using it only to upload documents and manage categories.

We are using this version: jDownloads

My problem is that all the links to the categories of our virtual library - so Jdownloads - are not working. And it is the same for all the documents: http://www.acrplus.org/index.php/en/virtual-library (http://www.acrplus.org/index.php/en/virtual-library)

I have noticed that the url of the category or the documents is always changing, being for example http://www.acrplus.org/index.php/en/biblioteca-virtual/position-papers/viewcategory/40 with "biblioteca-virtual" or http://www.acrplus.org/index.php/en/bibliotheque-virtuelle/reports-and-publications/viewcategory/41 with "bibliotheque-virtuelle".
When I change these by "virtual-library" it works...
And it is really similar with the files themselves: http://www.acrplus.org/index.php/en/biblioteca-virtual/position-papers/viewdownload/40/2739

Do you have any idea about what is going on?

thank you and sorry if this is not so clear!

Title: Re: Problem with multilingual site
Post by: ColinM on 17.09.2016 19:49:59
Regret but I do not know what is happening. jD is a very old version that is not supported - and I do not know anything about that version myself.  At some time you need to bite the bullet and update to Joomla! 3.x.  There are documents on upgrading

 I am sorry I am unable to offer any advice.
Title: Re: Problem with multilingual site
Post by: ACR+ on 23.09.2016 15:15:20
Dear Colin,

Thank you for replying, and don't worry about being unable to help.
I know that we should upgrade the website, but it is a bit tricky as it is manage by a subcontractor - which results in higher costs for our ngos. I was thus first trying to see if I could somehow solve the issue with my small understanding of joomla!

But now upgrading the website will definitely be on the to-do list.

Thanks and have a nice day,