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Title: Single page upload form?
Post by: idc on 04.06.2016 20:20:21
I have googled and search here, probably me typing the wrong search words.
I am trying to find a way to have a very simplified upload form, that has few fields editable, others like category must not be select-able but 'fixed'. I have created some custom fields which I have managed to get to appear on upload form; but would like these to be on a non tabbed form.
this possible, using latest joomla and jdownloads on intranet site. Hoopefully the above makes sense, sorry for the single paragraph as this edit windows is not allowing my return key... Thanks in advance idc.
Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: ColinM on 05.06.2016 09:38:36
You should look at User Groups Settings for the User Group who can upload.  You can select no tabs, choose which questions are asked, preselect the Category etc etc.
Please see documentation
http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/introduction-to-user-group-settings (http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/introduction-to-user-group-settings)
http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/which-user-group-is-used?category_id=29 (http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/which-user-group-is-used?category_id=29)
http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/create-download-from-front-end-permissions-and-access?category_id=29 (http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/create-download-from-front-end-permissions-and-access?category_id=29)

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Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: idc on 05.06.2016 15:43:33
Hi Colin, Thank you for your reply. I have read the articles and have progressed some what, I still cannot remove the select category from the form, even when I turn off the option 'May select different category', the option still appears. I would like for this not to appear but to force the upload to a separate 'user_uploads' folder. Is there any way to change the order and layout of the form, as it looks very 'Basic' at the moment.  Thanks in advance.       ps why can i not use return key to create paragraphs, this message looks awful; compared to yours.
Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: Rabendoktor on 08.06.2018 17:41:15
I've got the same prob: I want to omit the "Select Category"-box (in fact, I would like to omit the question of category completely...), but although I unchecked the "Can change category.."-box in the groups-settings, the "Select Category" still appears.... Any chance to at least pre-select the category or - even better - omit the category from the upload form? Thanks for help (and on my Mac, I can't produce new lines...)
Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: ColinM on 10.06.2018 11:13:00
Categories are fundamental to the jD structure, they are the directory structure in which the downloadable files are stored.There can be just one category if so desired.  In an upload form for a User Group, the Category may be fixed; but it will always be shown in the Upload form.
The upload form itself may be shown as tabbed or as a single form.  With the exception of Title and Category all other fields are selectable - see pic for what is probably the smallest viable upload form.
Preselect Category 
If you 'untick' category question in the User Groups Settings- Group creation/editing tab and there is only one category for which the UG has Create/Edit permission then that category is shown in the upload form so the user does not actually need to select it.  This is what I have done to get the second pic.  Just to be clear then the category for which the UG has create/edit must have no sub-categories.  The relevant category does not have to be a top level category, but it could be if you like.

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Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: Rabendoktor on 10.06.2018 16:43:41
Hi, Collin,
this is what I supposed and what I did - but unfortunately, it does not work for me (neither does the [k] trick - what key is this? Cmd? Ctrl?). I have created only one category and unchecked the opportunity to change category, but nevertheless  categories can be chosen... What can I do? Thanks for help! Steffen
Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: ColinM on 11.06.2018 14:30:43
First the formatting of posts - it is not a key but the button at right hand end
jD will list those categories to which the uploader has permission to create/edit so the category needs to be the only one with the permissions.  If it has sub categories then because permissions are inherited then any sub categories will also show in the list.  Obviously if you test with Super User priveleges then you will see all categories.
If all else fails tell me the set up of your categories and send me a Private Message (click on whitish square with a tail near my name) with super user login so I can check out

Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: ColinM on 13.06.2018 14:38:59
 Think you will now find that that Category is pre-selected OK.In User Groups Settings - Group Creation/Editing Settings tab, both the fieldd 'May select a different Category' and the tick box in field Category* need to be 'unticked'
Title: Re: Single page upload form?
Post by: ColinM on 15.06.2018 10:25:54
Forgot to add a vital part of the solution! Whoops!! :(
In the Create menu item in Options there is a radio button field 'Default category' which needs to be set to Yes
The field immediately below, 'Choose a category', is a pulldown that allows you to pre-select the category.
The Category field will still show in the front end form but now the selected category will be shown which cannot be changed by the user.