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Title: Content Plugin enhancement
Post by: ColinM on 14.11.2019 16:02:51
Presently the content plugin allows {jd_file latest==5 count==3}
It would be an enhancement if it could also specify the layout to use instead of using {jd_file onlinelayout==layout name}
for example {jd_file latest==5 count==3 onlinelayout==layout name} or {jd_file file==31 onlinelayout==layout name}
This suggestion originally by UweSColin
Title: Re: Content Plugin enhancement
Post by: Tazzios on 20.11.2019 10:06:06
additional, it would be nice if the configuration of a content tag can be done with the content button instead of currently typing the parameters by yourself.

If i take yours as example{jd_file latest==5 count==3 onlinelayout==layout name}  the following fields are needed:
View, drop down: latest, most downloaded.(or more technical: choose a field and choose order asc,desc)
Limit: integer
Category, multiple choice: list of category`s
Layout, drop down: list of layouts.

If it is under the editor button the beginners and normal users can also take advance of this function(and knowing the existing of it) without knowing the sintact or layout name.
Title: Re: Content Plugin enhancement
Post by: Tazzios on 21.02.2020 15:21:43
I was trying to add an upload button in the button plugin today but since that was looking to difficult I thought let`s make a design from my ideas.(mostly copied from the joomgallery design  ;D)
Apart from my paint design the following to notes:
  • -In the layout selection (see image) there should also be an default which doesn`t set the layout
  • -'Files link only' should be without div code explaining to users that they have to change a paragraph to div is not userfriendly.It should at least be possible to make an layout without divs.

Title: Re: Content Plugin enhancement
Post by: ColinM on 23.02.2020 09:57:25
Thanks for your notes on a design for the jD 'button' plugin. It would be a definite enhancement. Hope will will get to this when jD3.9  is 'alive'.

On the
'Files link only' should be without div code
There is a conundrum!  It is not actually feasible to make an layout without  a block elementm like a <div>. We can perhaps look at this with jD3.9 - as they say "the devil is in the detail".

Title: Re: Content Plugin enhancement
Post by: Tazzios on 07.04.2020 16:52:31
For the time being i made an override for the modallist.php arround line 79 i added
Code: [Select]
<h2> <a href="https://..../files">Upload</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://..../downloads" target="_blank" >file manager</a> </h2>
The first href links to an menu item with the jdownloads upload component with no template set.*

It will open in the popupbox and after upload or cancel you will return to the select file list where you can search for your new uploaded file. :D
The second one just opens all categories in a new tab.

* (if there is an universal link to open the component without an template and full url let me know)