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Title: missing edit 'pencil'
Post by: ColinM on 06.02.2019 12:12:18
HiIn Front End if a logged on user with relevant permissions (create, edit, edit own,download) deletes a file from a Download then the 'pencil' is longer sshown.After deleting the file the user is taken immediately to the Download Details page, which looks OK.  But if one re-looks at the listing the edit pencil is no longer present.
Further the Download is left locked.Please see attached pics

Title: Re: missing edit 'pencil'
Post by: Arno on 06.02.2019 12:18:42
Thanks Colin,
I will fix it in 3.2.64.
Title: Re: missing edit 'pencil' - [Fixed in 3.2.64]
Post by: Arno on 07.02.2019 11:36:48
Hi Colin,
when a user click on the 'remove file' symbol is run the save process automaticly and go afterwards to the details page to see the results. But the Download was not always checked in again. This should now be fixed. Thanks for the posted bug.  ;)