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Title: Double Order Numbers
Post by: MichaHidd on 17.12.2018 22:06:26
Ich versuche gerade meine Downloads nach der Reihenfolge zu sortieren. Dabei habe ich aber teilweise (auch innerhalb einer Kategorie) Reihenfolge-Nummern die doppelt vergeben werden (Kategorie-Übergreifend auch mehrfach).
So ist es nicht möglich, die Reihenfolge von Einträgen mit gleicher Nummer zu ändern. Außerdem kann ich die Reihenfolge-Nummer nicht einfach durch Eingabe einer anderen Nummer ändern.

I have got double (or triple) ordern-numbers so I can't sort Downloads with the same Ordern-number. Also I cannot change the order-number by typing a new number.
Title: Re: Double Order Numbers
Post by: ColinM on 19.12.2018 12:25:34
I have looked at this and yes the ordering is confusing, and does need examining. In the Backend if you do use the up and down buttons then the same order level in the same category may occur.  This does not seem correct! :(
Also could you let me know why you want use the Ordering column in the backend please.  I am not actually sure if the Ordering column is actually useful when one can order by many of the other columns Tittle, Id, Filename and so on

In order to have the downloads sorted in the front end then you can select various options such as alphabetical and so on in the configuration.

Title: Re: Double Order Numbers
Post by: MichaHidd on 23.12.2018 14:20:07
Hi Colin,
I use the backend ordering because I use the modul for download list. I use the content-plugin to choose individuel layouts. But I cannot choose individuel how to order the downloads by using the content-plugin. I use it vor Results of competition and   future competitions. The cration date is using for the competition date.
The Results I want to habe the last one on top. For Future competition I want the next one on top.
Title: Re: Double Order Numbers
Post by: ColinM on 24.12.2018 11:11:20
I have looked at your site a little.
For your competitions (Wettkämpfe) you are using the main component displays.  You have two categories:
Ausschreibungen und Veranstaltungen and Ergebnisse.  Think you are using the List All Categories Menu Type.

For Ergebnisse, which shows the results of past competitions, the items list nicely with the most recent competition at the top.

For Ausschreibungen und Veranstaltungen, which are future events, the order is with the the one furthest in the future at the top.  Think you would probably like that one the other way around with the next one to occur at the top.

There is a solution to this 'challenge' by using two separate jDownloads menu items: one to show Category Ergebnisse and the other to show Category Ausschreibungen und Veranstaltungen.

The Menu Item 'Single Category' shows the contents of a specified Category and its sub categories if there are any.  The important point is that in the List Layouts tab of the menu item there is the possibility to set the Downloads order.  So one menu could show in say Title Alphabetical and the other could show in Title Reverse Alphabetical.

Would that solve you present "challenge"?

PS will still look into the ordering in backend