jDownloads 3.9 Beta Published!


jDownloads 3.9 Beta for Joomla 3.9 is now available for download.  We are asking for your help to find any bugs that have so far escaped our testing.  Please help make jDownloads 3.9 as robust as possible.

You can find details of this release in the download 'details' page.  Also please note that this is a beta release and there is a risk that it still contains bugs.  So please test it on a development or staging site,  not on your live site

If you need somewhere to test then you can use the totally free cloud based Joomla! test site.  Just click on the following link for more information Joomla Test Site - the Joomla! article explaining what to do opens on a new page/tab.

By selecting monthly in the Advanced setup, your own Joomla! test site will ask every month if you wish to keep using the site.  So when you are done testing you just do not 'renew' and it will automatically disappear!  Obviously you can load any Joomla! extension into your test site.