jDownloads 3.2.38 Published!

jDownloads 3.2.38 for Joomla 3.2+ is now available for download. Please update as soon as possible. Added in nearly all modules JHTML::_('bootstrap.tooltip'); to overcome change in Joomla1 3.4.4. Added the 'random' sort order in related module.  In content plugin added the missing parts for 'Tags' and 'HTML5 audio and video elements'. Corrected situation where it was not always possible to select succesful a Download from the 'Downloads list' with the editor button plugin.

Notes from jD 3.2.37

The new version contains important changes for the frontend upload process in the newest Joomla 3.4.4. It is now also possible to use for video and audio files HTML5 elements instead a 'flash' player. Also added a new option to allow the user to reduce the amounts of levels in the categories 'listbox' in the frontend header. For easy installation go to the Joomla Extensions Manager / Updates and install the new update. You can find details of this and other releases in the download 'details' page.